Billing Options

Billing Options

Central Georgia EMC has a number of billing options to fit your needs.


With E-Bill, our convenient paperless billing solution, you receive your electric bill electronically by email. When you receive the email, you will simply click on the Web address provided to be guided directly to your account information on the CGEMC web site.

You will have the ability to view information about your current bill, bill payment history, electricity usage, and monthly cost comparisons as well as to make payments. E-Bill eliminates the need for excess paper in your life and in the environment.

There is no cost to switch to E-Bill. Members who use this service will no longer receive a paper bill in the mail each month. Your monthly News & Views Newsletter from Central Georgia EMC will come to you around the beginning of each month in a separate email.

To enroll in E-Bill please visit the Customer Portal,
choose My Account, E-Notifications, then E-Bill
Customer Log In will be required.

Levelized Billing Plan

Members using electricity for air conditioning or heating may find their bills varying a great deal during the year depending on the weather. A Levelized Plan is available to all residential customers who have a good payment record. The monthly bill will be an average amount based on actual use for the current month and the previous eleven months.  The bill amount will vary to reflect changes in monthly usage while providing the convenience of a level monthly payment so you can better plan your budget.

Pre-Paid Metering

Would you prefer to make weekly or biweekly payments rather one large payment each month?  If so, Pre-paid Metering may be for you.  Pre-paid gives you the option to pay when you want, for the amounts that you wish.

More About Pre-paid Metering

Senior Citizen’s Plan

Customer-owners, age 62 or older and on a fixed income such as Social Security, disability, or retirement income, may apply for a special billing cycle to be received on, or approximately on, the first of each month rather than within three working days of the meter reading date. Also, a customer-owner on permanent total disability income may qualify for this billing cycle upon proof of a disability award. The disability income must be the primary income. The account can only be for a primary residence and/or a pump supplying water to the primary residence. Commercial accounts, rental property, or weekend cottages are not eligible.