Home Plus Loan Program

Home Plus Loan Program

Make improvements to your home and save energy and money with the Home Plus Energy Efficiency Home Improvement Loan Program from Go Energy Financial.

Smart homeowners want to get the most value for their energy dollar. One way to increase the comfort of your home while potentially saving money is to make energy efficiency improvements.

How do I get started improving the efficiency of my home?

Your energy planning considerations should include:

(1) the energy efficiency of your home’s structure;

(2) the equipment and appliances used; and

(3) the lifestyle habits of the family.

Once you have determined what Energy Efficiency improvements are needed in your home:

  • Obtain an estimate from a licensed and insured contractor*

  • Apply for the Home Plus Loan with Go Energy Financial

    • Wait for approval of the loan before work begins.

  • Once approval for the loan is received, contact Central Georgia EMC with contractor and bid information.

    • Central Georgia EMC will give you the go-ahead to completed work if equipment meets Energy Star standards.

  • Contact Central Georgia EMC after work is completed.

  • Central Georgia EMC inspect the Energy Efficiency Improvement

  • The loan will close in the Central Georgia EMC office up to a week after the inspection.


*Contractor must have a signed Master Contractor Agreement on file with Central Georgia EMC.  If you choose a contractor that is not included on the licensed and insured contractor list, the contractor must sign our agreement to participate in the program.