Energy Efficiency

How Energy Efficient is your home?

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In-Home Energy Audit

How energy efficient is your home? Do you suffer from high bills? Do you feel drafts inside your home or do rooms stay too cold or too hot? If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, why not consider a FREE energy audit from one of Central Georgia EMC’s Energy Service Representatives.

Central Georgia EMC will assist you with your energy planning. We will come to your home, perform a visual inspection, and recommend ways to improve your home’s efficiency. We can show you specific ways to reduce your energy consumption to help lower your monthly electric bill.

Your energy planning considerations should include:

(1) the energy efficiency of your home’s structure;

(2) the equipment and appliances used; and

(3) the lifestyle habits of the family.

By practicing simple energy conservation measures you can lower your monthly bill. Savings can be accomplished by reducing either the wattage or the length of time that you operate an appliance. Concentrate your efforts on the three biggest energy users: heating, cooling, and water heating.

If you would like to take advantage of our in-home energy audit please contact CGEMC’s Customer Service Department online or by phone at (770) 775-7857 .

Do-It-Yourself Energy Audit Video

If you are interested in the audit service but just cannot find the time, this informative video takes you through a house and shows you the areas that may need to be upgraded.


For more information on Energy Efficiency please visit our Home Energy Suite.