Internet Services

For homeowners with few options for Internet service or who live in rural areas, there is no better option than Exede Broadband. Central Georgia EMC is now offering Satellite Internet service from Exede by ViaSat.  Exede Broadband can be up to 4 times faster than average DSL speeds. How does ViaSat do it? The answer is in the technology.


Exede Broadband is supported by a state of the art network utilizing the new ViaSat-1 Satellite. ViaSat-1allows you to do more, with satellite Internet , including:

• Watch streaming videos, TV shows, and movies with fewer delays from buffering
• Share photos remarkably fast
• Enjoy better video chat with less jitter
• Send and receive files quickly
• Exceptionally fast web browsing and email
• Listen to streaming music

Do more with your satellite internet. Do more with Exede Broadband.

Installed for $149.00


If you are ready for a faster internet connection, you are ready for CGEMC Broadband Service, from Exede by ViaSat!