CGEMC is owned by those we serve, and as always, we are committed to providing our members with reliable, competitively priced electric service. We strive to keep all costs as low as possible while meeting present and future demands for service. In fact, CGEMC’s rates are among the lowest in the state.

Standard rate categories exist for residential and farm service, small and large general service, irrigation service, and outdoor lighting service. Special commercial rates are available for competitive accounts with over 900 kW of connected load. To obtain available rates for specialized applications, please contact our local CGEMC office.

The Central Georgia Electric Membership Corporation Home Energy Partner Service (Rate 1)


Available in all territory served by the Corporation in accordance with the Corporation’s Service Rules and Regulations, and, where required by the Corporation, subject to the execution of a contract for service mutually agreed upon by the Corporation and the customer.


Applicable only for residential and farm use supplied through one meter to each individual dwelling unit. Without consent from the Corporation, the capacity of each individual single-phase motor shall be limited to 10 horsepower; each individual three-phase motor shall be limited to 50 horsepower.

Type of Service

Single-phase or multi-phase, 60 hertz at standard voltages.

Rates (Monthly)

Service Charge: $22.00
Summer (May – October)
All kWh $0.0852 per kWh
Winter (November – April)
First 700 kWh- $0.0852 per kWh
Over 700 kWh- $0.0574 per kWh

Minimum Monthly Bill

The minimum monthly bill for single-phase service shall be $22.00. The minimum monthly bill for multi-phase service shall be $40.00.

Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment

All Energy delivered pursuant to this schedule shall be subject to wholesale power cost adjustments as defined in the Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment (WPCA) Rider.


In addition, the customer will pay the amount of any sales, use, franchise, or utility taxes for charges now or hereafter applicable to or arising out of the service rendered or made available under this schedule.

Terms of Payment

The above rates are net, and the bill is due upon receipt. The gross rate shall be 5% higher and will be applicable in the event the current monthly bill is not paid on or before the due date indicated on the bill.

Contract Term

The term of the contract for permanent service shall in no case be less than five years.

Effective January 1, 2017

Distributed Generation/ Solar Power Policy

Central Georgia Electric Membership Corporation seeks to provide its members with the best electric service possible, and at the lowest cost consistent with sound economy and good management. In some cases, Cooperative members may become interested in installing their own electric power generation equipment. In these cases, Central Georgia EMC stands ready to work with its members to ensure that their generation equipment is installed in a proper and safe manner, and in accordance with all applicable codes, standards, regulations, laws and insurance requirements. In most of these cases, members will need to coordinate the installation and approval of their electric power generator with the local code inspection authority.

Central Georgia EMC Distributed Generation Policy